#94 caching allways active in subdirectories

PSP (7)
Ch. Thielecke

I disabled all cache with the options for testing.
My context structure looks like that:


The files in / are not cached as expected but the files in /inc and /scripts are cached. I have to clean the cache folder Cache/PSP manually or restart the server.

webware version: 1.0.1


  • Which options for disabling the cache are you talking about? The CacheServletClasses and CacheServletInstances settings refer to caching any servlets in memory, not to the PSP file cache. If you set them to false, then the files in Cache/PSP will be recreated every time the servlet is changed.

    Are you really sure that you have .psp files in / which are not compiled to .py files in Cache/PSP?

  • Please reopen and clarify if you think there is still a problem.

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