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Wysiwyg Editor Bugs

several bug fixes in wysiwyg editor so that it is functional in the new versions of browsers

Posted by Spiderpoison 2014-07-16

For your browser

New fixes to adapt the system to the latest versions of browsers.

Posted by Spiderpoison 2014-07-15

Can be only one!

Improvements in the text editing system.
All the tools were purchased together to facilitate future changes.

Posted by Spiderpoison 2014-07-15


Bugs fixed in text editors

Posted by Spiderpoison 2014-07-14

Flash goodbye

The color palette used that swf files have been replaced by one in javascript for better integration with newer browsers.
Fixes some minor bugs were made.

Posted by Spiderpoison 2014-07-11

Now in English

Made the translation of the entire system for English and several bug fixes.

Posted by Spiderpoison 2014-07-10


Uptade to UTF-8 charset.

Posted by Spiderpoison 2014-06-30


Fixed automatic installation

Posted by Spiderpoison 2014-06-06

Posting encrypted

Were added encryption capabilities on posts to prevent blocking of reserved words in web servers and fixed some bugs.

Posted by Spiderpoison 2013-09-18

PDO version

The connection system was changed to use PDO. The old system attachments will not work with the new version.

Posted by Spiderpoison 2013-06-07

Fixed Crash

Fixed crash in editor systems and editor menus

Posted by Spiderpoison 2012-05-18

No Alert, Confirm or Prompt

Removed warning boxes JavaScript because they are incompatible with the security permissions of Internet Explorer.

Posted by Spiderpoison 2012-05-16

Now Maps!

Added support for Google Maps for user registration.
Removed temporary folder in the gallery of images.

Posted by Spiderpoison 2012-05-10

PHP 5.4 and LayerX/Y

- System has been adapted to run on PHP 5.4.
- Fixed bug in warning about the use of LayerX / y in chrome.
- Lock selection while dragging layer.

Posted by Spiderpoison 2012-04-24

Update the documentation

Added installation document and the product license

Posted by Spiderpoison 2012-03-08

Issues Fixed

Some minor problems were corrected in the system.

Posted by Spiderpoison 2012-03-01

Add Demo site link

Add link to demo site and contact by MSN.

Posted by Spiderpoison 2011-12-13

Web Site in portuguese

The web site project in portuguese and english now.

Posted by Spiderpoison 2011-11-25

License granted

Added the License Creative Commons 3.0 and fixed a small bug in the layout editor.

Posted by Spiderpoison 2011-11-17

Bug Fixies

Download the new version WebSystem 2.0.2.

- Amended all command 'alt' to 'title' to improve compatibility with browsers other than Internet Explorer.

Thanks to tip Maikel

Posted by Spiderpoison 2011-11-10

Bug fixes

Download the new version WebSystem 2.0.1.

- Domain lock removed.
- Fixed the use of password for more than one user.

Posted by Spiderpoison 2011-11-10

Attachments Systems

Published all attachments systems developed for the WebSystem.
To install the systems just load sql files through MySQL manager system.

Posted by Spiderpoison 2011-11-07

New screenshot posted in project page

We updated the screens of the system.
Now it is possible to know the interface WebSystem 2.0

Posted by Spiderpoison 2011-11-03

Project site is on-line

The project site is in the air, visit: http://spiderpoison.sourceforge.net.
See it the new system screenshots ...

Posted by Spiderpoison 2011-11-01

WebSystem II - Cross Browser version

Adapted layout of the second version with corrections WebSystem II Cross Browser is now available.
The system has a security feature to inhibit multiple login user using a single password.
All system functions are functional in multiple browsers were tested: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Fire Fox, Safari and Opera.

Posted by Spiderpoison 2011-10-27