Hi Syntax team,
We have just reinstalled Syntax from CVS so we are working with the latest version... There is a strange issue where Context isn't finding all the picktables - eg, when you click on the 'Organization_Types' picklist in Context it says "Fatal error: mysql error: [1146: Table
'pxdb.Organization_Types' doesn't exist] in EXECUTE("SHOW COLUMNS FROM Organization_Types") in
/home/danceportal/PxDB/resources/adodb/adodb-errorhandler.inc.php on line 76", however when in DBasis I can see that the 'Organization_Types' picklist is alive and well, though apparently invisible to Context. Any ideas how to fix this problem?
Also, while I was adding 'sunrise' and 'sunset' as 'dbfields' and adding them both to the 'contact' data object type that was asking for them, I firstly created a 'preferences' entry for both of them by mistake - can I just delete these from the 'preferences' section or are there things that now depend on them/will I break something if I do?