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#4 Relationship definitions one-directional?

Nyk Cowham
Jase Roberts

Created a relationship via "Relationships" tab that has
dt1=user, dt2=group. Switch to "object" tab to edit
the "group" object, and this relationship is not
available in the relationship pulldown. By changing
the relationship so that group is dt1, the relationship
becomes available for selection. Is this desired
behavior? Why?

Using version 0.0.3, downloaded as tarball from
sourceforge mid-January, 2003.


  • Hans Lellelid
    Hans Lellelid

    Logged In: YES

    Heh. This was intentional, yeah. It had to do with
    relationships to with the fact that there are cases where
    you want to create a realtionship relating a datatype to
    itself. In the traditional F1DB model the display of
    relatable records is done such that all records not in
    current dt are displayed. You should be able to get around
    this by selecting both datatypes for dt1 and dt2.

    The directionality may not be crucial -- and in fact, older
    versions of PHlexDB were bi-directional. Look at the code /
    comments in pxdb_input::_get_values() as well as search
    classes. Again, this was primarily implemented to handle
    the exception of self-relationships. Syntax relationship
    model needs thought. :-)

  • Jase Roberts
    Jase Roberts

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    Aha. I had forgotten that these primaryrel relationships
    can specifiy multiple datatypes. I'm curious where the
    ability to have multiple datatypes is useful.. (and where
    using noderel or secondaryrel wouldn't be more appropriate)?

    The variety of different relationships in F1DB/Syntax can be
    confusing even to an expeirenced developer -- especially
    since they've been mis-used on a number of occasions
    (relating two objects via pickrel, for example).

  • Nyk Cowham
    Nyk Cowham

    • status: open --> open-wont-fix
  • Nyk Cowham
    Nyk Cowham

    • assigned_to: nobody --> ncowham
  • Nyk Cowham
    Nyk Cowham

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    This is intentional behavior, and so there are no plans to
    change this behavior.

  • Nyk Cowham
    Nyk Cowham

    • status: open-wont-fix --> closed-wont-fix