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webStory 3.0b - ooops

I, being a very stupid person, left my login information in the source... I fixed the problem and uploaded the source... I also changed my mySQL password.

Posted by Eric Esquibel 2002-09-17

webStory v0.3b

webStory v0.3b has been released. It has some improvements in the conf.inc.php file. It also a new feature for the Fansy First Letter.
By using the GD and FreeType image libraries, one can have a more dynamic FFL image using any TypeType Font. This feature may have bugs and is limited by the GD and FreeType libraries (FreeType seems to have trouble openning/reading some TTF files).

Posted by Eric Esquibel 2002-09-01


People are actually downloading webStory.
I'm soooo happy ^.^
v0.3b will be out by Monday (08/26). You will be able to use the GD and FreeType libraries to create a dynamic Fansy First Letter.
Oh, and documentation will be out soon too.

Posted by Eric Esquibel 2002-08-24

Beta Testers Wanted

webStory's developement team has little time to test the full set of features advaible with webStory, so we need a group of testers to help us out. You will be asked to install webStory from stratch, post large entries, add glossary terms, and configure CSS database entries through the administration system. Please help us increase out productivity by becoming a tester.

Posted by Eric Esquibel 2002-08-17

Change in plans

It was planned to have a database system to read page color and font information from, but instead all such settings must be done through Cascade Style Sheets. There are functions are ready in place to edit these, so adding more functions would be repeative.

Posted by Eric Esquibel 2002-08-09

Bug in v0.1a

There are some problems with the webstory.sql file that is contained in the v0.1a release. It will be fixed when v0.2a is released.

Posted by Eric Esquibel 2002-08-09

We've moved to SourceForge

Webstory has made its move onto sourgeforge.net.

Posted by Eric Esquibel 2002-08-08