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database breakage

I just noticed that some queries don't work anymore due to an upgrade of MySQL, and other problems probably due to PHP upgrades. I'll look into that RSN.

Posted by Wolfgang Oertl 2004-06-09

New release

Now it's easier to install, and some sample data is included. The database can be shared with other data, and the whole site doesn't have to be at the root of a virtual server anymore. SSL works, too (setup isn't easy though...).
Note: I haven't got around to update the demo installation to the new code!

Posted by Wolfgang Oertl 2001-11-11

Demo site

The demo site was down and was fixed recently.

Posted by Wolfgang Oertl 2001-10-18

Working Demo Site!

On the homepage of this project ( you find a live demo of the site's software. Try it out! If you know how SourceForge looks like :-) you will find it familiar. The "RACE" all over was the previous working title, in case you wonder.

Posted by Wolfgang Oertl 2000-06-22

Project is being set up...

I am still trying to get the existing software running; I need a MySQL database and a PHP setting fixed, so this might take a few days.

Posted by Wolfgang Oertl 2000-06-20