Error loading index.cgi

Ben Tyger
  • Ben Tyger
    Ben Tyger

    I get this error when clicking on the amanda icon in webmin. 
    --- Start Error message  ----
    Error - Missing Content-Type Header

    Failed to exec /usr/libexec/webmin/webmin-amanda-0.50-alpha/index.cgi : Permission denied
    --- End Error Message ----

    I am running amanda-2.4.4_p3  on a Gentoo Linux(x86) box. 

    All I did was grab the zip .05alpha files and re-compress it into a tar.bz2 so I could use the webmin interface to install it. 

    • Ben Tyger
      Ben Tyger

      Also I am running Webmin 1.200

    • Chris Jones
      Chris Jones

      Clearly the author has done nothing to correct this error. Please, re-package the file as bz2 so that it can be automatically downloaded and installed by Webmin. There will be many users not as knowledgeable as Ben (or myself, following Ben's useful suggestion).

    • gondolin

      I have installed version 0.59 with webmin from this site without any problems, but with the same error, do i need also ro re-packege this file to get it working ?