#8 can't find finish transaction


Hi, I could not finish transaction with Don because: After making an offer on his Kombucha, I was not able to navigate back to this add, A. the one link to surch all adds does not bring up the term when used. just flipping through all the adds doesn't bring it up, and going and searching for members 'donhall or don hall' does not work / is not pulling up anything here caps or no caps. So, I try and send Don, through the other system 'Trade Entry', which was unable to find the user Donhall / donhall... So (the inability to find the original add, is really bothersome, - I can pull up Donhall under members, but not a list of his current listings (where?) - //this HAS to have an integrated search in the site, for members and edds.. cus now it barely has either.


  • OK, there are several things here:

    1. Search does not find ad. I tried it, but in Kombucha, and it went right to it. It also is in the normal listing about half way down.

    2. Searching by member name or nick does not work. Yep, not implemented. That is one item to put on the TODO list.

    3. Once you make an offer, further action is the responsibility of the person who placed the ad. There is little more you can do other the change the offer or revoke it.

    4. The search (on the member lookup page, not on the ad search page) for 'Don' as an exact string failed due to a space on the end of his name. I fixed that, and fixed the membership request form so that any extraneous spaces are now striped.

    5. Yes, the "Trade Entry" page is sort of broken right now. Well, it works, but it does not take member names, nor nicks, it wants an "account ID". But I'm in the middle of stripping all numeric ID's of any sort from all displays as they seem to confuse people. People mix up member ID's with account ID's, with transaction ID's, ... on and on. So no more numeric ID's. The "Trade Entry" page has not yet been converted to the new way of thinking.

    6. Yes, there is a search for members, under the "My LETS" => "Member/Account Lookup" menu.

    In summery, items 2 and 5 need attention.

    I am closing this item, as it lacks focus, and will create new items separately for items 2 and 5.
    For item 2 see 3384039
    For item 5 see 3384042

    • milestone: --> v2.1
    • status: open --> closed