#18 Can't connect to WebHuddle Windows Server 2008 in the Cloud

Nancy Anthracite

I have installed WebHuddle on a Windows 2008 server in the Amazon Cloud. I brought up the server, connected to it by remote desktop, downloaded the Windows exe file for WebHuddle and installed it and WebHuddle works on https://localhost:8443. For the cloud firewall setting at Amazon EC2, I opened port 443 to 443 and I also tried, at a different time, 443 to 8443 and I have tried to do the same thing with the Windows firewall rule on the server by setting up an inbound rule for TCP on port 443 to allow any connection. However, I can't connect to the server using just https://\[the IP address] and I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

I also tried using the long URL name for the computer instead of the IP, ie, ec2-184-73-28-171.compute-1.amazonaws.com with no luck.

I even tried installing IIS but I am thinking that I do not need to do that as there is already an application server running.

Any suggestions would be welcomed. I have a meeting coming up where I would like to have a backup server available in case webhuddle.com is having problems or is very busy.


  • I figured out the problem and created some documentation in open office format here:
    <http://opensourcevista.net:8888/NancysVistAServer/HowToSetUpAWebHuddleServerFASTOnTheAmazonCloud.odt > Change the odt to doc and you can download the Word version.