WebHuddle 0.4.6 Self Aware!

Maybe not quite self-aware, but version 0.4.6 of WebHuddle, the open source web-conferencing solution, has several major bug fixes and new features. It has been a while since the last news post, so we'll share milestones from this release and a few previous ones. But first, want to try WebHuddle right now? Click here:


Or, view a recorded WebHuddle session:


WebHuddle 0.4.6 fixes a major bug that was stemming from a deadlock in the OpenOffice.org java library. This deadlock would effectively suspend all finalization in the JVM, leading to OutOfMemory errors. The solution was to excplicitly close the OOo connection after using it (harder than it sounds, given the clunky OOo API). Another major bug resolved was causing the client to sometimes become unresponsive after turning off the VOIP microphone. WebHuddle now supports both OpenOffice 1.1.x and 2.0. As well, the full production build no longer reqires Windows (for the CAB file signing step). The CAB signing on Linux uses a modified version of a tool from the Mono project (http://www.mono-project.com).

Finally, WebHuddle is now listed on http://thinkofit.com -- the excellent guide to web conferencing software and services (http://thinkofit.com/webconf/realtime.htm#webhuddle). As well, the Java Posse selected WebHuddle as their Applet of the Week for May 30, 2006 (http://javaposse.com/index.php?post_id=96262&comments=on)

Thanks for all the support and feedback, brave WebHuddlers!

Posted by John McCaughey 2006-06-20