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IntegraTUM WebDisk 0.44

* added a new parameter in web.xml for setting compression level for creating zip files: zipcompressionlevel
* added a new parameter in web.xml to get zip files from "Download as Zip" and "Make Zip" directly without saving them locally
* added a new parameter in web.xml to force SSL (redirect to https:// if http:// is used)
* added more stable connection handling to the jCIFS library (separate connections for every user)
* added new jCIFS 1.2.15k to offer SID resolution for NetApp OnTAP without LDAP
* added back the LDAP method for resolving SIDs
* added the option to add multiple favorites
* fixed a problem with DFS and signatures (by using a disconnect before changing the transport)
* fixed problems with resizing and layouting the header

Posted by Thomas Bley 2007-07-12