IntegraTUM WebDisk 0.12

- Upgrade to jCIFS 1.2.3
- Used network interface is displayed at the lower right corner
- Code cleanups to fit to Eclipse 3.1
- Run compatibility tests with Samba 3.0.18, NetApp OnTAP, Windows 2003 SP1

Download is available at:

1) Extract the .zip-file.
2) Using Tomcat 5.0.x, create a new web application and point it to the webapps directory.
Example with ba as application name:
<Context path="/ba" docBase="/usr/share/tomcat/server/webapps/ba" debug="0"

Rename webapp/WEB-INF/web_default.xml to webapp/WEB-INF/web.xml
3) Change the content of web.xml: Replace YOUR_SERVER_IP with the IP-address of your file server supporting the cifs-protocol.
4) Create the temporary directory /tmp/webdisk and make it world-writeable.
5) Start the application and launch your browser with: http://your_webserver/ba/base/

Best regards,
Thomas Bley

Posted by Thomas Bley 2005-09-06