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Any larger installations of WebDisk

  • Hi,

    I am testing WebDisk and so far I am very impressed.  Thanks opensourcing it.  I am thinking about using it for my school district to allow students to access their files from home.  I am expecting up to 500 - 600 students using it concurrently.  Has anyone else used WebDisk with a load like this?  What type of hardware for WebDisk do I need to support a load like this (I have a big NAS head for my fileserver that can easily support it)?


    Northshore School District
    Bothell, WA 98021

    • We don't have any "concurrent" user statistics but we use webdisk in a 30000+ ADS account scenario (we are the original site where the webdisk was developed). You can easily scale by adding more servers and load-balancing them. It might be useful to disable operations like zip'ing files because they generate more load than normal access.