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WebDAV.NET Server Framework / News: Recent posts

WebDAV.NET 3.2 Release

The software has been updated to resolve a few minor issues and add a little more functionality.

A website has been created to demonstrate the framework capabilities. It utilizes the Sphorium.WebDAV.Examples.FileServer.Module and is available at

Comments welcome!

Posted by Germinal Ibarrola 2010-05-24

Open for collaboration

Are you interested in collaborating on the project?

Subversion has been enabled... please send me an email if you'd like to contribute!

Posted by Germinal Ibarrola 2008-06-13

WebDAV.NET 2008 Release

Latest code refresh 4/13/08

Finally out of beta! Going to look at enabling sub-version so the community can begin to collaborate on the project. If you're interested in helping out please send me a line!

Posted by Germinal Ibarrola 2008-04-14

WebDAV.NET VS2005 Release

It's been a long time coming but the latest release is now available in VS2005.

I'd like to thank everyone for their comments and suggestions!



Posted by Germinal Ibarrola 2007-10-09

Invalid Posts


This is an open source project... just a heads up that any plugs for NON open source solutions (i.e. vladimirlichman) will be excluded from the forum.



Posted by Germinal Ibarrola 2007-07-11

WebDAV.NET Server Framework 1.2 Beta2 - Latest code refresh

Latest code refresh 08/25/06 Initial RFC2518 compliant (partial RFC3253 compliant): server framework source framework implementation example signed binary release. (Public key [sn.exe -T]: b9a989ad77230dfd)

Posted by Germinal Ibarrola 2006-10-15

WebDAV.NET Server Framework 1.2 Beta 2

The initial ASP.NET WebDav Server framework (beta 2) has finally been released which includes all source code in addition to a custom implementation demo project.

It currently supports RFC2518 ( and we are in the process of supporting RFC3253 (

Posted by Germinal Ibarrola 2006-05-02