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WebDAV.NET 3.2 Release

The software has been updated to resolve a few minor issues and add a little more functionality.

A website has been created to demonstrate the WebDAV.net framework capabilities. It utilizes the Sphorium.WebDAV.Examples.FileServer.Module and is available at http://ishare.sphorium.com/WebDAVExample/.

Comments welcome!

Posted by Germinal Ibarrola 2010-05-24

Open for collaboration

Are you interested in collaborating on the WebDAV.net project?

Subversion has been enabled... please send me an email if you'd like to contribute!

Posted by Germinal Ibarrola 2008-06-13

WebDAV.NET 2008 Release

Latest code refresh 4/13/08

Finally out of beta! Going to look at enabling sub-version so the community can begin to collaborate on the project. If you're interested in helping out please send me a line!

Posted by Germinal Ibarrola 2008-04-14

WebDAV.NET VS2005 Release

It's been a long time coming but the latest release is now available in VS2005.

I'd like to thank everyone for their comments and suggestions!



Posted by Germinal Ibarrola 2007-10-09

Invalid Posts


This is an open source project... just a heads up that any plugs for NON open source solutions (i.e. vladimirlichman) will be excluded from the forum.



Posted by Germinal Ibarrola 2007-07-11

WebDAV.NET Server Framework 1.2 Beta2 - Latest code refresh

Latest code refresh 08/25/06 Initial RFC2518 compliant (partial RFC3253 compliant): Sphorium.WebDAV.Server.Framework_beta2-src.zip: server framework source Sphorium.WebDAV.File.System.Client_beta2-src.zip: framework implementation example Sphorium.WebDAV.Server.Framework_beta2-binary.zip: signed binary release. (Public key [sn.exe -T]: b9a989ad77230dfd)

Posted by Germinal Ibarrola 2006-10-15

WebDAV.NET Server Framework 1.2 Beta 2

The initial ASP.NET WebDav Server framework (beta 2) has finally been released https://sourceforge.net/projects/webdav/ which includes all source code in addition to a custom implementation demo project.

It currently supports RFC2518 (http://www.webdav.org/specs/rfc2518.html) and we are in the process of supporting RFC3253 (http://www.webdav.org/specs/rfc3253.html)

Posted by Germinal Ibarrola 2006-05-02