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Linux driver for CPiA webcams / News: Recent posts

2.6.0 kernel ECP+DMA support

Most of the CVS is now part of the Official 2.6.0-test6 kernel. One feature that is still only in the 1.3.1 release here is the ECP/DMA support. cpia-1.3.1 now compiles on 2.6.0 kernels (and RedHat 2.4.20 patched kernels) Please test!. (cpia-1.3.1 contains many features not in the Official 2.4.x kernels)

Posted by Duncan 2003-10-04

Improved Parallel port support (and USB)

Finally DMA read support for fast ECP parallel ports and 2.4.x kernels is in the cpia driver. Also,
standard non-bidirectional parallel ports are also now supported.

The USB "alt" setting that allows the USB bandwidth to be reduced for cameras sharing the same hub is also newly controllable.

Posted by Duncan 2003-01-11

Official Linux kernel cpia driver updates

Finally, the v1.2 CPiA driver from this site is making it into official Linux kernel sources, in which the cpia driver has stagnated at the 0.8 level for a long time.....

The version of the code for 2.5.x kernels (now in cpia/module-v4l2 here) is now released in Alan Cox's linux-2.5.44-ac2 patch.

The updated 2.4 kernel code has also gone to Alan Cox, so maybe we'll see it in 2.4.21 kernels (it probably wont be in 2.4.20, but at least support of the QX3 microscope and a reactivated /proc/cpia /video<n> interface for camera control (which is needed by the the "cpia-control" application , now available here in an updated v0..4 version) will be in 2.4.20.

Posted by Duncan 2002-10-23

1.2.1 CPiA driver release.

The CVS is now up to date with 2.4.18 kernels,
and released as cpia-1.2.1.tgz
Project is now in low maintenance mode, as the
original developers are no longer active.

Posted by Duncan 2002-05-11