Hi, I have downloaded macam for use with a Logitech  QuickCam for Notebooks, but unfortunately it doesn' t work together on our computer.
Downloading and opening macam is easy, but when I connect the cam, it says "Status: no camera".
I have unplugged and replugged various times, uninstalled and reinstalled macam various times, looked on the logitech site and on yours and can't find a solution.
What do you think is the cause of this problem and how can it be solved?

Product ID: 0x08dd
Vendor ID: 0x046d
version 1.00
Buspower 500
speed: up to 12 Mb/sek.

I used macam 0.9.1 and 0.9.0. on our iBook G4, OS 10.4.8.

Hope to hear from you,
thanks in advance and good luck with the program,

margriet tchicai