#164 Noisy audio with Skype and QuickCam STX


Computer: tested on MacPro 4x2.66/5Gb with Mac OS X 10.4.x and MacPro 8x2.8/8Gb with Mac OS X 10.5.x
I've Logitech Quickcam STX product ID 0x08d7 (chip VC302), with skype (tried varuis versions, now 2.8 beta) video works acceptable, but audio works for a minute or a bit more and after become noisy. The unique way is to close skype and restart the call.


  • I've the same camera, on MacPro 4x2.8/8Gb and Mac OS X 10.5.9, and I had the same problems with macam 0.91 and 0.92. Since I update Macam with latest CVS build (2009-02-06 and 2009-09-25), microphone wont work after starting a call with Skype (I saw in system preference that it works just until call initialization); video works fine. If I disconnect and re-connect the camera, audio works fine (without the noisy problems in 0.9x), but video won't work (I see the others, but they can't see me). If I quit and re-open Skype, I turn to the previos situation (no audio).

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