WebCalendar 1.1 development update

WebCalendar 1.1 development is progressing at a good pace. While there is no official public release, the application can be downloaded from CVS or from the nightly CVS snapshot found at:


Some of the most significant changes include:
- A new web-based installation wizard that will create or update your database tables. No need to use the MySQL command line or phpMyAdmin.
- Greatly improved RFC2445 (iCal) support that supports much more advanced recurrance rules, inclusions and exceptions
- A new user access permission system that allows finer control of access to system functions and user calendars
- Support for read & write access from iCal clients that connect to WebCalendar. This allows creating events in applications like Sunbird or Apple iCal that will be stored in WebCalendar
- New support for FCKEditor which allows users to use a WYSIWYG editor for event descriptions

A full list of changes can be found in the NEWS file in CVS, which you can view online at:


For more information, visit the WebCalendar home page:


Posted by Craig Knudsen 2005-11-08