#617 Remove event's title popup from upcoming events

Brad E

There's a title popup on the upcoming events calendar. This is not the description popup, but one done by the browser that displays the contents of the title= parameter in the event anchor (anchors with class=entry). Since this is a repeat of the event anchor's text that already displays, it is somewhat redundant. I suppose it could be replaced by "view this event" to be consistent with the main calendar (perhaps more appropriately "click to view this event"), however in this case, an option should be added to turn this off as well as it frequently displays in the same area as the event description popup and is a bit annoying.

I'm using the following version of upcoming.php:
/* $Id: upcoming.php,v 2008/04/06 14:20:00 umcesrjones Exp $ */

I'm using v1.2.0, but 1.2.3 appears to be the same version of upcoming.php

The current code (lines 178-181) is as follows:
$link = "<a class=\"entry\" id=\"$popupid\" title=\"" .
htmlspecialchars ( $e->getName () ) . '" href="' .
$SERVER_URL . 'view_entry.php?id=' .
$e->getID () . "&amp;date=$date&amp;user=" . $e->getLogin ();

The following modified code eliminates the title from this anchor:
$link = "<a class=\"entry\" id=\"$popupid\" href=\"" .
$SERVER_URL . 'view_entry.php?id=' .
$e->getID () . "&amp;date=$date&amp;user=" . $e->getLogin ();

Note that the title= field is not used by the upcoming events or popups routine (from my testing anyway). Its sole purpose appears to provide a text popup display of the anchor's link. However, the anchor text (that displays in place of the link) is exactly the same data (see line 213 where the same info is displayed). Also, the anchor text is only displayed if "private" or "confidential" flags are not set. If one of these flags is set, it appears the title popup will display anyway via the title popup, defeating the purpose of the confidentiality flags.

Brad E.