Upcoming popups (tips) without the link?

  • UkuleleKen

    I'm using WebCalendar as an Event Calendar where the only public view is the output from upcoming.php (ie I don't want my users to see any of the main calendar screens). I also want to use the popups feature of upcoming.php as this provides vital details on my events (eg times, description, location etc). However, if I go to System Settings / Other and set "Display event popups" to "Yes", it only gives me the popups if I also set "Display links to events" to "Yes" as well. This then allows my users to get through to the detail of each event and from there to the main calendar screens.

    Is there any way to get the popups and their detailed information without allowing users through into the main calendar screens?

    If not, is there any way of overriding the link URL so I can redirect user clicks back to my own screens rather than the main calendar screens?

    Thanks in advance,

  • dallasdinosaur

    I don't think there's any definitions you can invoke to accomplish what you desire. If you know php coding, you should be able to modify upcoming.php to do what you want - either suppress the link, or replace it with a non-webcalendar link. In function print_upcoming_event, there's the following statements:

        $link = "<a class=\"entry\" id=\"$popupid\" title=\"" .
          htmlspecialchars ( $e->getName () ) . '" href="' .
          $SERVER_URL . 'view_entry.php?id=' .
          $e->getID () . "&amp;date=$date&amp;user=" . $e->getLogin ();
        if ( ! empty ( $link_target ) ) {
          $link .= "\" target=\"$link_target\"";
        $link .= '>';

    I would think (though this will require some testing) that modifying the fields just after the " href=" reference (next two lines), you should be able to embed any link you want there.

    Last edit: dallasdinosaur 2014-05-28