Since I am not getting a reply in another discussion, I try in a new one...

Well I read that WIKI documentation and thats all very nice - if you're an IT person and understand what it means.
I don't.
I've added webcalender 1.2.5 through Bluevoda CPanel's Fantastico - as it was the only calender available. I was instantly stuck with "my" calender and a public access calender. I have checked through everything in my calender panel following the help instructions, by allowing public access to "my" calender, allowing layers... Fact - when I log out, I don't see the events I added in "my" calender in the public access calender (well I can see the beginning but that's all)
What I wanted from the start was an event calender EVERYBODY could access without having to log in.
Since I have no clue where you find any of those "directories" you mention (And I checked in Bluevoda's CPanel's FileManager - yes there is a translation folder, but it has only txt files in it), I can't even rename the public access calender. Obviously there is no way to merge calenders either - as I said I only want ONE accessible for all! I know I could just hand out my name/password - but that would create tons of Admins and I would have no control what so ever.
This is quite frustrating for me as I am no expert, but all helpsites I find for this application seem to assume everybody is - there is nowhere a step to step explanation for the illiterate (as many coming from Bluevoda are - that's why we use a drag and drop website builder!)
So as to talk for some frustrated Bluevoda formum members - please explain where to find these directories and what to do once we have found them!!
(and I'd like to add that you not only have typos - who cares - but bad links as well on here )
Sincerely - ever grateful for empowerment,