Error. Publish.php


  • Anonymous

    I can log on the website with boths of the accounts and the accounts are in the mysql database….

  • srmorton

    I assume you have configured your calendar for Subscribe/Publish?

    Log in as Admin
    Go to your Public Calendar under settings Public Calendar then Preferences.
    Under the Subscribe/Publish tab select YES for Allow remote subscriptions and Allow remote publishing.
    Then click Save Preferences

    Now go to the Settings and System Settings
    Click on Other tab
    Now set Allow remote subscriptions: to YES

    This should allow you to Publish the Public Calendar. If you want the Admin and Metradev calendars to be able to Publish you will need to get to their Preferences and set the same features as above for the Public Calendar.

    Log in as that user.
    Under Settings click on Preferences then the Subscribe/Publish Tab.
    Set the YES on the two items and then Save.

    Assuming you have changed the System Setting above you should be good.

    If you are using a client such as Thunderbird/Lightining you will have to provide the user name and password that is used in webcalendar for that User.



  • Anonymous


    All my calenders are subcripe and publish. When i add a calendar in thunderbird, I am prompt with a username password combination and it does not work.


  • Anonymous

    I am using 1&1 webhosting, could it be that my hosting compagny interfeer with the login ??


  • Anonymous

    I have setup webcalendar on my own machine, and have setup several users.
    I have followed the details above to allow remote subscriptions, yet when I go to the publish page, I also get the error
    No user specified.

    Please can someone help, or suggest something I have missed.

    My php is running with safe_mode disabled