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#2648 Wrong dates/times

Craig Knudsen
Bradley Miller

Ok, I've narrowed this down a bit. Go in and get a remote calendar link (I did this with a vanilla install on vs. 1.2.4. I then open up Mozilla Sunbird and create a remote connection via it. I create an event for Thursday at 7 PM till 8:30 PM. I go to the web interface and look and the event pops up just fine with the right day/time. I hit reload button on Sunbird and the event moves from Thursday to Friday 12:00 AM without an ending time. I look back on the web site and it's still the right day/time but not in Sunbird. If I click on it and edit/reload then the web site time/day goes to the messed up version. It seems to me that the date/time is getting messed up from WebCalendar. When I use WebCalendar and hook to an external calendar (such as Google Calendar) the times are wrong - same thing. My times end up bunched up on the day after at 12:00 AM.

Any ideas?


  • Ed Coates
    Ed Coates

    Has there been any progress on this? I'm using v 1.2.3 and when I subscribe to the public calendar which has repeating events through Horde, the events come acrosss with at start and end time of 00:00:00 and one of them comes across on a wednesday instead of the tuesday it's suppsed to be on.

    I would like to be able to tell my users that they can subscribe to the calendar, but with the dates and times not working correctly, I can't use this feature at all.

  • brokengillou

    Same for me tested with Lightning or Calendarsync (Android) with no success.
    Would be great if subscribing could work!