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#383 DAV Server Failing

Jamie Cameron
Anthony Plack

Periodicly, we are having a problem transfering files through the DAV server. The error message in miniserv.error is "Failed to read POST request". The user then will go to the "Applications", "Upload and Download" and transfer the file just fine.

This is not true of all files, 1 out of 9 have this problem. The file size does not seem to be a difference, but the files that fail are usually larger than the ones that don't fail. I say usually because sometimes a file larger than this will move just fine through the DAV server. If a file fails, it just fails. No amount of retrying seems to help.

I am running on a Gentoo box with version 1.410 of UserMin. Perl is version v5.8.8. We are running secured only (https).

What is strange about this is that the same minihttp server is running both DAV and Upload scripts. Any ideas?


  • Anthony Plack
    Anthony Plack

    I can provide a file in confidence for testing. I just cannot place it on the public web.