Dear List Member Gurus,


I have two servers, each running both VirtualMin and WebMin. Primary use is hosting multiple sites. One public IP with shared virtual servers.


At one time I had the ability to go into WebMin to the Apache options for a specific virtual server options and clicked on Networking and Addresses where I would find a box in the righthand column that I could specify different host header names for a site. I.E. ( and (blah.corporate.local) and so on. After restarting Apache the website will respond to any of the domains assuming DNS is correct. I should also say that the existing sites that have multiple entries in hosts continue to work fine.


Today I went into Webmin to modify a host header for a site and the option (box) is gone. It is gone for all virtual servers. The apache module is loaded and I see everything I would expect but this one has me stumped.


Can this be turned off somehow even though apache module is loaded? Did it get changed/moved in a update and I cant find it? I have checked both physical servers and Webmin shows the same in apache module ... no option to modify host headers. I know positive it was there at one time.


Thanks in advance for your assistance.