Perfect. Cheers.

On Wed, May 19, 2010 at 9:24 AM, Jamie Cameron <> wrote:

Hi David,

You can get this from the global variable $module_name

 - Jamie

On 18/May/2010 14:00 David Harrison <> wrote ..

Is there a built-in Webmin function that returns the internal name of the active module?
e.g. "mysql" if the user is using the MySQL module.

This information would seem to be available via $ENV{SCRIPT_NAME}, but I'm sure there's an easier way of getting it.
(Plus I am not sure how $ENV{SCRIPT_NAME} behaves if Webmin is in a subdirectory)

In my theme I want to include a <body class="$modulename"> tag so that I can better target CSS rules.
e.g. body.mysql form.ui_form { }




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