Thanks Rob – I have seen that in this list before, but I don’t have the exception list in my java control panel, and a number of other people don’t have it either, so I’m trying to avoid managing this in different ways. I’m not sure why we don’t have the exception list and I’m not sure I can influence any change that may need to take place to make that happen. Although, if anyone has ideas about why some people have it and others do not, I’m happy to see if it is something we can get straightened out.


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Hi Brian,


There is no need to set your Java security settings to medium after updating to the latest version of Java.

With Java, a Java control panel is installed. If you open this, on the security tab, you can add exceptions.

If you add the full URL of your Webmin / usermin server, including the portnumber (so https://yourserver:1000) to this exception site list, you can use the java applet without changing the security level to medium.

I hope this works for you too.


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Hi Jamie –


I hate to be a pain, because I know you’ve been working on this, but I’m wondering if you can provide an update on the SSL cert issue affecting java applets within Webmin.  Our Internal Security team has told us this is no longer an acceptable tool for us to use at this point because of the issue which has required us to either tell users not to accept the latest java updates, or set their Java security settings down to Medium.  Neither solution is acceptable to Security.


I’d hate to have to replace Webmin/Usermin at this point because it has been very good to us…  but I may have no choice if a resolution isn’t in the near future.