I posted this on the Usermin forums, but this mailing list seems like it might be more active so I thought I would try here as well….


I KNOW I'm doing something terribly wrong, but I haven't figured it out yet and could really use someone to smack me upside the head....


I have an instance of webmin running on a machine. It's been running fine for a while. We use it to give java developers access to some build and deploy scripts. To do that, we cloned the "Custom Commands" module and made it available to all members of a specific webmin group.  Each time we have a new user that needs access, they need the proper AD group added to their profile and then we have to add there user id in webmin and assign them to the proper webmin group.


My understanding of Usermin is that we should be able to set this up to run the same custom scripts, but take full advantage of Active Directory so that we get out of the business of adding users and assigning to groups, etc., but I’m having some trouble setting this up.



In my old webmin install, I can clone the custom properties module and then I can go into that module and click the “Create a new custom command” link to create new commands within the module.


I can’t seem to figure out how to do the same thing with the modules I want to use in Usermin in my new installation.  I have a strong a sneaky suspicion I am missing something painfully obvious, but I’m not sure what.  Any chance someone could help steer me in the right direction?


-       Brian