the objective is to centralize the administration of iptables and snort by one single interface.
Through this interface, I should be able to administrate any snort and iptables installed on a PC in the LAN, and centralize the log of iptables and snort to one single DataBase Server
and then  be able to correlate their log to identify if there is a potential attack, a rule is set on the firewall automatically.
(I know that I need to install webmin and the requested modules on the PCs on the LAN in order to make RPC calls)
And I should be able to choose the host from a list of webmin servers with a button install on.
For iptables, first choose the host, second display its iptables-save file, then modify it's config and last apply the config to this host.
Practically the same thing for snort.

thx a lot