Thanks for the info.  One last question - would you expect to provide IPv6 support once Perl gets updated appropriately?


On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 20:33, Jamie Cameron <> wrote:
On 25/Feb/2010 19:06 Scott A. Johnson <> wrote ..
Does Webmin support connections over IPv6?  I'm using 1.5 on an Ubuntu 9.1 box, and I can't connect to https://host.domain.tld:10000 using IPv6, but IPv4 works just fine.  When I go into the Webmin configuration module and "Ports and Addresses", it's supposed to be listening on any address (Bind to IP address>Any address).  If I try to put in an IPv6 address there to force webmin to listen on that IP, I receive the message "Failed to change address : '<IPv6:Address::Here>' is not a valid IP address to bind to".

So, does Webmin not support IPv6 as of yet?

Sorry, no .. the main reason is that there doesn't appear to be support for IPv6 in the core Perl networking functions.

You could hack around this by using xinetd or something similar to forward IPv6 port 10000 to IPv4 port 10000 though.

 - Jamie

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