Isn't it ./fcgi-bin/php5.fcgi as the message indicates?

On 1/24/12 10:37 AM, Pat Erler wrote:

two problems, which look rather cosmetic but get real time killers very soon:

  1. when deleting a domain, there is a checkbox "only delete webmin configuration (leave files alone)" (somwthing along these lines). this looks, at least to me, so like an "are you sure" box, that quite often I check it and press delete. problem is, that now, 
  2. when you restore a domain, this process stops because the user still exists, the mysql user still exists, groups still exists etc. - the problem here is, that this doesn't come up before you start the restore or at least, just pauses the restore and gives you a "try again" button when you solve the minor problems. you have to start all over again and this is just so 1995 :)
please have a look in the whole system, it could use a refresh (and maybe even something more integrated, like a "webmin backup server module" where you connect you virtualmin to and have a list of backup files to restore them with a click.)

one problem I just can't solve with the domain I currently want to restore is this error message:

/bin/tar: ./fcgi-bin/php5.fcgi: Cannot open: File exists
/bin/tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors

which file is it tar can't overwrite?


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