Thank you for the pointer as it makes my task a lot easier now.

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Jamie Cameron wrote:
Alfred Vahau wrote:
Hello List,

I use Majordomo in Webmin. I want to create list members in a student mail list. But I find that I can only upload, via cut and paste, 700 names. The rest I must add using the add screen and I have to over a 2000 names. Is there a way that I can upload all of the names to the mail list without having to add them individually? At present, I want to explore Webmin options has before I carve up a script to generate the names outside of Webmin.

The entries look something like this:


Thank you in advance

The easiest way would be to edit the list members file directly, which has the same name as the list and is usually found under /var/lib/majordomo or /usr/local/majordomo .

 - Jamie

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