I installed Chkconfig.rpm and it standalone worked fine but when i try to "start" the server i get :

Failed to start FTP server: sh: line1:/etc/init.d/proftpd: No such file or directory

I see the config file and it says standalone for the server type...so whats wrong?


 Kris Deugau <kdeugau@webhart.net> wrote:

Hmmm. I'm not sure where you've been getting ProFTPD RPMs; the sets
I've seen include proftpd-{version}, proftpd-inetd-{version}, and
proftpd-standalone-{version}. All may be installed, but it's somewhat
pointless to have both -inetd and -standalone as I'm not aware of any
way to specify a configuration file.

"w.h." wrote: (in an unreplyable MIME/HTML-formatted message)
> Now...im I supposed to download
> proFTPD-standalone-1.2.8rc1.rpm as well?? I did anyways and it wouldnt
> install because it needs the a file called: chkconfig or something
> and i dont have that. I canceled the installation so it doesnt mess it the
> proftpd installation up. Now i couldnt find the ProFTPD-common rpm
> though...i looked through about 3-4 ftp sites and none had it.

As for what's required for -standalone, it *does* appear to require
chkconfig- as do a number of other core system packages. If you're
missing chkconfig on a RedHat box, something is very wrong. Install
it; it's a useful tool to have to maintain the symlinks in the
/etc/rc.* trees.


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