On 29/Oct/2007 09:11 Maxwell Smart wrote ..
Jamie Cameron wrote:
On 29/Oct/2007 07:47 Maxwell Smart wrote ..
Vernon wrote:
For the life of me I can't find the option for enabling SSL for one of my sites using Virtualmin. I keep looking through the options to enable it but can't find it. Any ideas?

Was this ever commented on?  I cannot find the response and could use the info.

I can't remember - but to turn on SSL for a domain, you should just be able to check 'SSL website enabled' on the 'Edit Virtual Server' page. It will also need to have a private IP address, which you can setup on that same page ..

 - Jamie

When I select that feature it says mod_ssl is not enabled, but I am accessing Webmin through https.  Doesn't that mean it's enabled?

That means that Apache doesn't have SSL support enabled - which is separate from Webmin's own SSL support.

Which OS are you running there? I can tell you how to enable SSL in Apache given the OS ..

 - Jamie