On 29/Mar/2007 07:43 Dave Isaacs wrote ..
Some peculiar behaviour has crept into Webmin between 1.290 and 1.330.  In 1.330, whenever I issue a 'service webmin start' command, I get a new instance of miniserv.pl even if there was one already running.  Do it again, and I get another one.  I am using Red Hat EL3 and EL4.
In 1.290 and previous versions, there would only be one instance of miniserv.pl running, no matter how many times you issued a service webmin start command.
I dug into this some more, and discovered that in the earlier version, when a second instance of miniserv.pl was started, it would fail to bind to the port and die.  In the latest version, when miniserv.pl initially fails to bind to the port it reports the error and then tries to bind to the same port on INADDR_ANY.  If this fails the error is simply stored (not reported) and processing continues. 
Is this a bug, or is there a configuration detail that I am missing?
Dave Isaacs
Thanks for pointing this out - this is a bug in Webmin 1.330. It should really just die if the final attempt to bind to INADDR_ANY fails, instead of just recoding the error and proceeding. I'll fix this in the next release..

 - Jamie