Yep, another person w/like issue here. Simply have forgotten all this in sendmail over the years.

I tried to follow the below example, and add a new feature to the Sendmail M4 Configuration, but it did not work.

Can someone who as done this, please put in the exact line added from:

Sendmail M4 Configuration -> Add new entyr of type -> select Feature
Next add parameter: `genericstable', `hash -o /etc/mail/genericstable.db'

When saved it looked like this:

FEATURE(`domaintable',``genericstable', `hash -o /etc/mail/genericstable.db'')

And it did not work.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks, Dave

On Thu, 2004-09-16 at 16:23, last first wrote:
i finally got around to altering the M4 file to add this line to try and get 
the generics table to work
FEATURE(`genericstable', `hash -o /etc/mail/genericstable.db')dnl

now Virtualmin adds a new record to the
https://IP-Number:10000/sendmail/list_generics.cgi file

and e-mails that are sent from squirrelmail appear to come From: which is just what i wanted

however, there is this note at the bottom of the Webmin genericstable page
>>>you must have an entry in the outgoing domains table for each domain 
>>>which there are addresses you want outgoing mapping done for<<<

but Virtualmin doesn't add any entries to 
https://IP-Number:10000/sendmail/list_cgs.cgi and i'm not sure what format 
any entries should be in

do i need to manually edit this file or is it something Virtuamin will do if 
its needed later


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Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 10:29 PM
Subject: [webmin-devel] Re: [webmin-l] Generics Table / Wild Card?

>Hi - i have a similar problem to Simon's with outgoing e-Mails
>i have lots of domains set-up using Virtualmin v2.10 on a RHEL ES3 server
>with these Virtualmin settings:
>Include domain name in usernames = always
>Format for usernames that include domain = domain.username
>Also update outgoing addresses for mailboxes = NO
>this appears to be fine for incoming e-mails where
> all arrive in the mailbox
>there is also no problem with aliases being forwarded into the correct 
>however if i try to send an e-mail from within SendMail or SquirrelMail
>the outgoing e-mail appears to be sent from
> instead of
>but if i log into each users SquirrelMail account and change their Options 
>- Personal Information
>to use their correct e-Mail address it works OK
>the Usermin Vacation module also sets up the outgoing replies from
>(plus i have to manually edit the .forward file to add -a aliasname to get 
>it to work)
>i am using SendMail with Virtualmin and i also have MailScanner(.info) 
>set-up & working correctly
>So i thought maybe i'd try to change Virtualmin so that
>Also update outgoing addresses for mailboxes = YES
>but i then got an error message when retesting the Virtualmin settings 
>which said that i need to set-up 
>which also says "Your sendmail configuration does not have the outgoing 
>address mapping (generics) feature enabled. Click here to setup sendmail 
>and then points me to the Sendmail M4 Configuration page
>and now i hit a brick wall with my lack of Linux experience (Webmin & 
>Virtualmin normally make life so easy)
>i don't know what to edit in there to make the genericstable file work
>i was hoping somebody could tell me the required settings to change / add 
>to the M4 set-up
>looking at
>i'd guess that i should add a line saying
>FEATURE(`genericstable',`hash -o /etc/mail/genericstable')dnl
>but where i put it and what i do if it gets screwed up are a mystery to me
>any help gratefully appreciated
>I am sure someone has an answer or solution, but I have been unable to
>find it online.  As I host multiple domains, I have multiple emails
>addresses, and I use Virtualmin to add multiple domains.  What my
>problem is that all email addresses from a particular domain are
>'user.domain' and other domains for example are 'user.domain2.'
>However, when the user goes into Usermin and click on compose mail,
>the from field has 'user.domain@computername' or ip address.  I am
>seeing up the generics table and that solves the problem, but I was
>wondering if you could use wild cards to that instead of having a
>different line for every user email, I could do something like this.
>*.domain      *
>*.domain2    *
>So that every user with a user id that ends in .domain has the email
>address changed to the domain name instead of the computer address.
>Any suggestions on possible wild cards or other ways to solve this
>problem would greatly be appreciated.
>Best regards,
>Virtualmin has an option on the Module Config page to maintain the
>genericstable file for users, and you can configure Usermin's Read Mail
>module to get a mapping of usernames to addresses from that same
>genericstable. That is probably the easiest solution ..
>- Jamie
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