Email FROM address has wrong domain

L Stevens
  • L Stevens
    L Stevens

    2011-11-01 14:53:30 PDT
    I am running Webmin 1.570, Virualmin 3.84, Usermin 1.470 and Webmail 1.470 (see )
    I am running Usermin on one port and Webmail on another port so clients can use the interface that they prefer.
    From Webmin or Usermin when I compose an email and click on the "From" tab it correctly uses the domain of the user for example
    When doing the exact same thing from Webmail the from email address incorrectly uses the domain of the server, for example

    I imagine that this is just a setting somewhere but I have been unable to find it.
    I have upgraded to webmai 4.9 with the same result