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Configuring Clamav on webmin

  • ruudazlan

    hi all,

    I,m new to webmin and no idea at all how to manage webmin and i have question about webmin and clamav.

    1.How i install clamav using webmin
    2. i already add clamav module but appear 'WARNING: The clamscan binary need to be present on the server. If it is, please fill in the ClamAV binaries location in the module's configuration." I guess this error appear becuase of installation or configuration
    3. How can i run Antivirus cleaner.
    4. If i upgrade webmin to 1.650..what are the pre-upgrade preparation and what are the impact

    Webmin information

    webmin version: 1.570
    OS: Ubuntu Linux 10.04.3

    Appreciate if someone can provide answer and guide

  • gus gando
    gus gando

    1.How i install clamav using webmin
    i dont think it works like that
    just install clamav as per your sys and then ad the webmin module and go to the preferences on the managment page and check pathing and settings
    2. yeah. goto the preference link and place in the path - begin at root.. ie... /usr/soemthing (probably) you may need the path only or include filename, it varies and one way or other you get it right
    3. dont know - never used it - never had a problem
    4. none i know of. we always upgraded without a problem except that we need to initiate a stop start from a command line terminal