directory/file attributes in windows

  • ahrimann

    hello all- first post, be kind to me i am sensitive ;)~

    i am a webmin novice, and a Linux novice as will prolly become apparent. i have a windows 2003 active directory network and a CentOS 4.4 file server. Samba is doing the shares. i am using webmin for administration.

    a user needs to be able to edit file attributes (specifically "Read-Only") from their XP PC. as i understand it, Samba really is not involved here. i am looking at attributes in webmin "File Manager" and manipulating there, checking only "Read" using the "Info" button, but this will not force the "Read-Only" attribute on the windows side.

    if anyone can point me in the right direction 'twould be much appreciated. i am not scared of the CLI if this is easier for y'all

    thanx -michael

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