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Webmin BIND and LDAP client Active Directory Auth

  • abmpinoy

    OS: Centos 6.5

    1. When running BIND in a MASTER and slave config, in the slaves /etc/named.conf webmin is inserting
      the "allows-transfer" directive, is this normal? After reading all the docs, this directive should only be on the master, and only on the slave if the slave is acting as a master in itself:

    zone "example.com" {
    type slave;
    masters {;
    allow-transfer {;
    file "/var/named/slaves/example.com.hosts";

    1. I can't for the world of me find Active Directory integration documents for the LDAP client.
      I can log into my AD and browse the directory tree but I get error:

    Searching for users ..
    .. no users found under base OU=NOC,OU=unit Users,DC=domain,DC=local.

    Can someone point me in the right direction or state if this is supported in the first place?
    I have a pfSense firewall using LDAP to auth against my AD, but using the same setting in webmin is not going over well