Samba4 Webmin Module

  • There are two bits missing from the original samba which in the /usr/share/webmin/samba4 directory there is a file config without an extension.
    These details are the timing values for the cli output if you paste them to /etc/webmin/samba4 then things work a little better.

    I am trying to work out why and how they are included in the normal package and copying the base hasn't brought them over?

  • Its slowly coming together, would be great if there was help :( . :)

    Anyway you will need to edit the samba config and enter the stop | start | restart methods.
    Click module config and just edit the entries.
    Also two new entries for ../samba/private/ and ../samba/sysvol/ domain provision will fail if old configs are there.

    samba-tool domain utilities are inplace and work needs a big tidy.
    next is samba-tool dns

    Last edit: Stuart Ian Naylor 2014-04-04