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Webmin and FTP help

  • Kelly71

    I am running trixbox and using webmin. I want to set up a FTP site. I have removed the generic ftp that trixbox uses and when i click on either WU-FTP or ProFTPD i get a error that the modules are not installed or not configured correctly. If i goto modlues they are both there and shouldnt the generic mudlue setting be ok?

    Configurable options for ProFTPD Server
    Configurable options 
    Test config file before applying changes?  Yes     No    
    Test config file after manual changes?  Yes     No    
    Test config file after other change?  Yes     No    
    System configuration 
    Path to ProFTPD config file  
    Path to ProFTPD executable  
    Path to ProFTPD PID file  None      
    Path to ftpusers file  
    Command to start ProFTPD  Automatic      
    Command to stop ProFTPD  Just kill process