Can not see summary of disks install in webmin 1.67 on Ubuntu 12.04

  • Keith Erikson
    Keith Erikson

    yesterday I did the automatic update from WM 1.66 to WM 1.67

    In the opening page I do not see the total "local diskspace"

    I see what is the first disk in the server

    I can see the disks in other subsections of webmin such as "Disk and network file systems" and "patitions on local disk"

    otherwise the server is working normally

    Is this a bug in 1.67 as it was working perfectly in 1.66


  • Jan Grill
    Jan Grill

    The some problem with Webmin 1.670 on CentOS 6.5
    On Webmin start page Local disk space shows first partition (lv_root) only
    In Webmin 1.660 I can see a summary of all (two in my system) disks
    All other seems to be working good