NAT Webmin

  • Hello
    As far as I should do more cost cutting I'd appreciate professionals assistant upon my problem.
    What I did:
    1- I have one static IP address and it is used by windows server 2012 (configured a port forwarding via LinkSys DSL Modem also settled a port forwarding in windows server domain zone ).
    2- Inside Windows Server I have installed a Vmware.
    3- Inside Vmware hosted Ubuntu 13 and installed latest Webmin too.

    Windows server has it's own domain, I want to add new domain to Webmin too.
    Is it possible to handle both Windows server and Ubuntu (Webmin) via one IP?
    How should I configure Webmin in a way that when I address to address me linux server?


  • gus gando
    gus gando

    i dont really know except to say that running windows is a bog nono. i recall that windows would only run 1 vhost. you should give some real thought to dumping windows for linux - seriously.