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Webmin Lobin Button disappeared !

  • Jonathan Rioux
    Jonathan Rioux

    I think this is happening since I updated Webmin. Here is a screenshot of the issue: http://i.imgur.com/nbPYt.png

    Basically, I cannot login into Webmin because there the login button just disappeared. Also, even if I hit enter, it still does not log me in.

    Please help me to fix this issue.

  • don rowe
    don rowe

    Unfortunately I can't offer an explanation or fix, but check the html source for clues.

    My webmin v1.590 login page html source shows "submit" and "clear" inputs:

    <input class='ui_submit' type=submit value="Login">
    <input type=reset value="Clear">

    It also shows:

    You must enter a username and password to login to the Webmin server on <IP address>