Complete Tutorial for Windows Installation

  • eatwithforks

    After countless trial and errors, I've successfully installed a functional webmin on windows 7 and a windows 2003 server. I presume this method would work for most Window OSes. Here's a detailed tutorial.

    Required Files: ActivePerl 5.16 x86

    These can be easily found on google.

    1. Unzip
    2. Put extracted webmin folder in C:\
    3. Put process.exe in C:\webmin
    4. Append C:\webmin in Environment Variable PATH change.
    5. Open CMD terminal, type "cd C:\webmin"
    6. type "ppm install win32-daemon"
    7. Create new folders named etc and temp in your c directory. i.e c:\etc, c:\temp
    8. open new CMD terminal, type "cd c:\webmin"
    9. type "perl"
    10. For config, type "c:\etc"
    11. For logs, type "c:\temp"
    12. type 10000 for port
    13. select no ssi,
    14. select yes start at boot time
    15. create a user/password

    At the end of the installation, the terminal will show you the address for you to go on webmin browser. Congratulations!

  • Ned

    I installed webmin on Win 8.1, it worked for me. Needed to run cmd as Administrator and also when asked for the log directory I entered "c:\\temp" instead of "c:\temp"

    Last edit: Ned 2014-07-29