I installed Webmin on a RAQ4 Cobalt

Leo Dano
  • Leo Dano
    Leo Dano

    I can't seem to find anywhere a fix to login.  I am trying to login using my admin password, which works perfectly on the RAQ4 GUI, but Webmin won't work.  I can Telnet in, but need commnads to set the Webmin password.  Anyone?

    • Martin Mewes
      Martin Mewes

      What do you need?
      Are you trying to set the Webmin-Password from the commandline?

      Please see http://www.webmin.com/faq.html

      # How do I change my Webmin password if I can't login?

      Included with the Webmin distribution is a program called changepass.pl to solve precisely this problem. Assuming you have installed Webmin in /usr/local/webmin-1.300, you could change the password of the admin user to foo by running

      /usr/local/webmin-1.300/changepass.pl /etc/webmin admin foo