Running webmin in apache, but cannot access a

  • sellout

    Hey all, I have gotten webmin going under apache as per

    However evne if i create users in the htusers file that match the users /etc/webmin/miniserv.users file, I can log in, and it will display:

    "Access denied : User "someuser" is not allowed to use the module"

    Since the error is getting someusername and it is showing at the bottom, i know the apache auth is passing the username to webmin, however it is not allowing any user, even root, to access ANY module.

    Open to any and all suggestions, I would even be willing to paypal 10$ to anyone who can help me with this!

    I'm pulling my hair out.

    • Mike Pepper
      Mike Pepper

      Just updated to Webmin 1.32 then installed phpini module. Installation reported success but clicking on configuration link from the installation report page gets, "Access denied : User ... is not allowed to use the PHP Configuration module" and the module doesn't show up on the Webmin "Other" page.

      Any ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks.