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username can start with zero?

  • TonyWh

    I'm upgrading to RedHat Linux ES3 (from AIX), and have used Webmin 1.250 to set up my Linux users.

    My old AIX system always allowed usernames to start with a zero, so I thought nothing of it when Webmin let me set up 20 users or so also starting with a zero.

    I've just discovered that the Linux 'useradd' command won't allow names to start with any digit, and Joe Cooper's 'The Book Of Webmin' says about Webmin itself, that "Names must be unique and begin with a letter".

    So has Webmin inadvertantly allowed me to do something wrong? It does seem that all of these user IDs are working fine, and as I've got hundreds of PC clients connecting with these usernames I'd rather keep them if possible.

    But could the use of the zero be a problem?

    Any ideas greatly appreciated