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    I need some help, i want to add MYSQL acces to some webmin users, without them to see each other their database created.
    Info: My users, are in a group, called USERS:
    So, in my mind i had 2 options.

    1st solution
    I duplicated MYSQL module, and i gave access to that module for my group and i set the module like
    The USERS group has 2 users when i added the new module. Everything is working ok, they can create, drop and manage 1 database.
    The problem appears when i create the user no. 3 and add him to USERS group. He will have acces to drop or manage the databases of the first 2 users. How can i avoid this?
    2nd solution
    I've made a bash script, to add to my sistem the following:
    - 1 mysql user with the same name like the current webmin user (REMOTE_USER)
    - 1 database with the same name like the current webmin user (REMOTE_USER)
    - 1 password for our user, in order to manage the new database created
    My new MYSQL module has the following config:

    The problem is that, when user no.1 or no. 2 creates the database by our bash script, he can not see the database in MYSQL module in order to manage it. But when i test the connection with a php script everything works fine.

    Please advice.

    Thank you